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Aboyne Highland Games VIP - Child (Please select the number of people attending)

Aboyne Highland Games VIP - Child (Please select the number of people attending)


Step into a realm where the echoes of ancient traditions resound, where the spirit of the Highlands comes alive in a tapestry of vibrant history and exhilarating competition. Introducing the Clan Strachan VIP Package for the Aboyne Highland Games – an extraordinary experience that immerses you in the heart of Scotland's captivating heritage. Prepare to be transported back to the era of the Clan system, a time when chiefs summoned clansmen for hunting, military exercises, and the bond of kinship. As you step through the gates of the Aboyne Highland Games, you'll find yourself amidst a convergence of clans, each with their own stories to tell.


Our exclusive package offers an unparalleled journey into this rich tapestry. Gain privileged access to the Clan Strachan Hospitality Area, where the camaraderie of the past meets the luxuries of today. Equip yourself with distinguished Clan Strachan Tartan Wristbands, proudly wearing the colors that distinguished clansmen throughout history. Revel in the excitement of the games, where bagpipe music fills the air and dancing enlivens the spirit. But that's not all – savor the delectable flavors of the Highlands with Lunch Vouchers that transport your taste buds to the heart of Scottish cuisine.


No adventure would be complete without seamless travel, which is why we've taken care of transportation to and from the Highland Games. So, embark on a journey that transcends time and unites you with the enduring legacy of the past. The Aboyne Highland Games have stood the test of time since their inception in 1867, and now you have the chance to be a part of this unbroken tradition.


Join us in rekindling the ceremonial grandeur of the past – the colorful pageantry that once accompanied clan gatherings. The Aboyne Highland Games are a celebration of heritage, athleticism, and the enduring ties that bind. With the Clan Strachan VIP Package, you'll not only witness the history but become a part of it. It's time to immerse yourself in the traditions that have shaped Scotland's soul, to experience the Aboyne Highland Games like never before.

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